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How to build your Business Cul De Sac Training

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August 3rd
13:00 AEST

Here is What You'll Learn

I'll step you through the steps I took to build my business empire/ Cul De Sac.

While I don’t believe there’s a magic, golden guinea pig lined route to

Digital Marketing domination, or a one-size-fits-all solution,

I do believe there’s a process to setting yourself up for success.

GOALS AND MINDSET: Learn how to set realistic personal, financial, brand and productivity goals for your business.

MONEY: Overcome money mindset issues, develop budgets and forecasts, understand Profit First, and start to build your buffer.

BRANDING: Discover what makes your brand tick, write your USP, decide your brand values, choose a photography and design style.

PEOPLE: Discover how to outsource successfully, employ humans in your business and be a better boss.

HUB: Create a technically sound, user-friendly, problem-solving, legally compliant website, back it up with a solid lead magnet and email funnel.

PROFILE: Step out from behind your brand, develop your pitch, become a subject matter expert on podcasts, in media and on stage.Live Q&A with Kate to cover your questions

PROCESS: Map out time-saving processes for your business, create templates and learn how to use tools to automate.

Live Q&A with Kate Toon about your business empire building journey.

MARKETING: Use SEO, Social media, content marketing and online advertising to build your brand’s Expertise, Authority and Trust.


About Kate Toon

Kate Toon is an award-winning misfit entrepreneur, who works with small businesses and big brands to transform their online presence: through powerful SEO, captivating content and all the right digital marketing moves.


As a digital marketing and SEO educator, straight-talking copywriting coach, author, educator, speaker and podcaster, Kate has helped more than 10,000 other businesses demystify digital marketing, grapple the Google Beast, and grow their success.


Kate was named Businesswoman of the Year at the national My Business Awards, and has spoken at events around the world, as well as running Australia’s only dedicated copywriting conference, CopyCon.

August 3rd
13:00 AEST